Welcome to dargletodarlge.com! This is a blog about my overland adventure from South Africa to Ireland in a vintage Alfa Romeo. Here you can expect posts, and videos, about the adventure and other car (with an Alfa Romeo bias) related content.

An adventurous choice of car for an adventurous journey.

The Dargle Valley is a small, farming community in the Natal Midlands, well known for its peace and beauty. It’s also the only home I’ve ever known. I’ve been told it bares a remarkable resemblance to the area around the Dargle River in County Wicklow, Ireland, where the original settlers of my home town were from.

I thought that a lovely and interesting journey would be to start at one Dargle, and go all the way to the other, and see all the strange and wonderful places that lay between them.

Screen shot 2013-10-27 at 22.33.25

I will be leaving on this adventure in 2014 and hope to reach Ireland about 8 months later. Check out the blog page for recent posts and updates.

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