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  1. hi! fantastic project mister. I hope I can do something similar one time. If you still are in Oslo I would like to invite you to a fantastic garage full of old alfa romeos from 65 sprint gt, 1750 and several 1750 gtam replicas, montreal and giulia. its in the center of oslo.
    Best Regards frode myhr

  2. Hello,
    what a coincidence. Your car is parked in front of my appartment in Bruges. Your Alfa is a very nice car! My other car is a Triumph TR6.

  3. Hello, where exactly are you now? Next Sunday, Feb 7th, we have a Giulia Bertone meeting in Utrecht (in the center of The Netherlands). The adress is Garage Van Neerijnen, Atoomweg 276, 3542 AB Utrecht
    Is it possible for you to come to Utrecht and meet the Dutch fans of Giulia Bertone 105?? That would be very nice. Hope to meet you.
    Watch also our website http://www.bertoneregister.nl

  4. hi Jethro, fantastic trip you are making and very nice that you keep us back home up to date of your adventures. A very well blog by th eway.
    If it fits in your schedule it would be a good idea to visit the Dutch Alfa Romeo days at the circuit of Zandvoort ( Netherlands) at 27 & 28 August (http://www.alfaclub.eu/site/index.php/actueel/evenementen/417). Perhaps you already heard of it otherwise drop me an email and I can arrange an entry for you.
    Travel save, enjoy and perhaps see you at Zandvoort.
    Rgds, Frank P.

  5. Hi Jethro,
    CONGRATULATIONS on your GREAT achievement.
    I am also planning to drive my Sports Car from Cape Town, South Africa, across three continents next year. How can I communicate with you privately to clear up some of my concerns please?

    Kind regards,

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