The Car

My car for this trip is, as one would expect, a 1964 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT. I’ve been told that a Land Rover would be better suited to the job. But I don’t have a Land Rover, I have an old Alfa, so there.

The Alfa 105 GT, taking explorers across the desert since whenever it is that I finally leave.

A year ago I thought I ought to buy a car to take the pressure off my well-worn 2000 GTV, which I use for the 60-mile round trip to varsity everyday. So I bought another old Alfa in a million-billion pieces which I promptly spread across my parents’ garage. Job done.

There’s some madness to my method.

I sent the body-shell away to be fixed up and painted, and while it was in the panel shop I decided that I wanted to drive it across the world, you know, as one does. I planned a roll-cage, and some seam-welding and a roof-rack and it really just got to be a “who’s got the biggest winch” sort of thing. The car was going to be more Land Rover than Alfa. And If you’re going to modify a car for a job, why don’t you just buy a car that was built for the job in the first place?

I figured that there was something rather special about driving across the world in a beautiful old GT car, and I just had to take the hardships of that as they came. I don’t want to cheat by swapping the engine, or fitting more modern brakes. When I get to the other side, I can say I did right by the car, that I learned to use the tools I already had, and I think that makes this trip extra brilliant.

And the chaps who really know the most about Alfas from the 60s are the chaps who worked at Alfa in the 60s. So I decided to leave their car as they designed it, stock-standard.. And it should be fantastic that way.

There is a certain camp of car-folk who say that Alfas just break down all the time. Eight times out of 10 they’re the sort of people who drive their cars about with no oil in the engine, no coolant in the radiator and think the shade of a tree in their garden is a good garage. The other two have never owned an Alfa. I should be just fine. And besides; Alfa drivers know how to make a plan:

You can read about the build in excruciating detail here.

My safari vehicle of choice.

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